a toast to delicious jamz

Since the skies are gray…

I thought I’d continue the trend over here at JnJ, as we continue to dream of cali, with this sick remix by Minnesota, aka Christian Bauhofer. This “unassuming dude,” as he calls himself, has opened for a whole slew of crazy acts — from Flying Lotus to Ghostland Observatory, Rusko to Benny Benassi, RJD2 to Excision — and is featured in the sets of just as notable of DJs.  Perhaps you’ve heard of Lorin Ashton, aka Bassnectar?  Caught him sampling this remix at Gov’s Island just this past Saturday night.

Mamas and the Papas – California Dreamin’ (Minnesota Remix)

You immediately get my attention with any remix graced by the presence of The XX.  Nine times out of ten I’m treated with some glorious, oozing tune to wrap up in.  Nine and a half times out of ten.  Probably more.  Anyway Minnesota’s mixup of Sander van Doorn’s “Intro” remix is no exxception.

Sander van Doorn – XX Booty (Minnesota Remix)


rainy day for jeans

Mr. Little Jeans is a wacky Norwegian chick who’s yet to produce a full album but has already gained some serious popularity thanks to being snapped up by a few notable remixers, like the RAC, who rehashed “Angels” and “Rescue Song”, the latter of which you’ll find below.  First though, her spooky, hypnotizing cover of the Arcade Fire’s Suburbs.  And enjoy the even spookier music vid she made for it :

Mr. Little Jeans – The Suburbs (Arcade Fire Cover)

Thankfully we have the perky, upbeat wizards of the RAC to bring you out of the weird mood that video probably just put you in.

Mr. Little Jeans – Rescue Song (RAC Remix)

Three Days of Electro-Bliss

Nearly entitled, “Can my brain handle this??”

IDentity Festival
Thursday 18 August – tickets
Avicii, Rusko, Steve Aoki, DJ Shadow, Chuckie, Datsik, Nero, and Kaskade:

Kaskade (feat. Mindy Gledhill) – Eyes (Extended Mix)


Hard Summer Tour 2011
Friday 19 August – tickets
Dillon Francis, Switch, Destruco, and Digitalism Live:

Digitalism – Blitz


Club Glow at Fur presents Hardwell
Saturday 20 August – free tickets
Opening set by Roberto Gonzalez

Martin Solveig feat. Kele – Ready 2 Go (Hardwell Club Mix)

Keylime 07/30

Last month I posted some BeachesBeaches, and I’m still really digging their stuff. For some reason this one reminds me of the first time I heard RJD2. I’m pretty sure it’s the layered, busy hip-hop feel that would sound amazing with someone rapping over it. I like the pronounced snaps in the beginning of the song because they grab your attention and draw you into the song by giving you a chance to actively participate in the music by snapping along with the song. “Sammy” also has really cool percussion repetitions that give the song a stair-like flow. If you listen closely you can hear the volume of the ghostly vocals actually fluctuates with the drums to hit drops at the same time and synergistically emphasizes that stair-like feeling. Don’t understand what I mean? Try moving your hand with a downward wave motion with the beat of the song, and you’ll see it.

BeachesBeaches – Sammy



I know everyone is more than familiar with RJD2, but describing BeachesBeaches made me want to listen to some. RJd2 has so many phenomenal tracks that even picking the album to start with proved hard. It ended up coming down to something off Deadringer or Since We Last Spoke, so I decided to make it easy for myself and just pick two songs. Deadringer has three standout songs: “Ghostwriter”, “Good Times Roll Pt. 2”, and “Smoke and Mirrors”. Today, “Smoke and Mirrors” emerged victorious.

RJD2 – Smoke & Mirrors



As for Since We Last Spoke, I was stuck between “Iced Lightning” and “1976”. I chose “1976” because, let’s face it, “Iced Lightning” is a terrible name for a song. Also, I think “1976” has a bit more of a broad appeal. By the way, if you haven’t seen RJD2 live, do it. His shows are amazing.

RJD2 – 1976



For my last song, I figured I would give you guys something a little more dance-centric. It is Saturday, and who doesn’t want a jolt of energy to kick the weekend in the ass one last time before lazy Sunday becomes blue Monday? Play “World Tour” before you leave to engage in whatever debauchery catches your fancy tonight.

Mightyfools – World Tour (Original Mix)

quiet… too quiet

It may be the sabbath, but that’s no excuse.  Here to keep you on your toes, some sweet dub and a geniously reworked pop hit by LA breakout DJ Dillon Francis.
DJ Dillon Francis, looking extra emo today for some reason..
Dillon Francis – Who The Fuck Are You (feat. Cory Enemy) (Original Mix)

CSS – Hits Me Like A Rock (Dillon Francis Remix)

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Keylime 07/18

I know it’s summer. I know you want music that makes you feel like you’re bouncing around on a moonwalk without a care in the world.  So be warned: this is a pretty dark track, but it deserves recognition regardless of the season. It’s one of those jamz that forces you to stop what you’re doing and bob your head. Wait, it has LMFAO on it?!? Don’t worry. I don’t like LMFAO either, but you really have to respect anyone who is talented enough to mix together The Xx and Afrojack. Not to mention the LMFAO actually doesn’t sound terrible. Thanks PRFFTT (Profit). You did us right.

PRFFTT – La La La, the XX Replica

berrie jamz

Props to my friend G$ for introducing me to this crazy character. David Berrie (aka dBerrie) takes some pretty heavy songs, like Rolling in the Deep or the one to follow, and successfully raises them to a heightened, celebratory state using repeated and exaggerated choruses and constant, rolling beats. Man am I excited for his show at Pacha next weekend in New York — and it’s free for those on the guest list…

Florence + The Machine – Cosmic Love (dBerrie Remix)