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Dear Friendz and Loverz,

Keylime from Slimbabwe. I know I haven’t posted in a loooonnnggg time. I’ll give you an excuse as soon as I come up with one.

This little soundbite, while it does sound amazing, is not an end all for your temporal lobe, but it very well may short your frontal lobe. Go. Atoms for Peace. Who? What? I honestly can’t believe this flew under my radar until now. Atoms for Peace is a collaboration between Thom Yorke (Radiohead) and Flea (RHCP). Whoa.

Just last night, a fellow Kieron (really–there’s another) and I were discussing which band would be recognized as The Beatles of 2000-2010.  I immediately suggested Radiohead. The reasons being obvious: accessible, popular, revolutionary. I get the typical response, “But what about the Red Hot Chili Peppers?” Some of you will kill me for saying this, but I only really like them. After middle school my RHCP love was conversely related to my growth spurt. great singer, great bassist but lacking that revolutionary quality that resonates in Radiohead’s music. So there I stood just liking them; until today.

At 11 am I awoke from a hazy night of good food, better people, and a great house party that naturally led to a few brave souls jumping into the 50 degree Fahrenheit swimming pool. Hello hangover. I decided I wasn’t going to do anything but play chess and browse music because I didn’t have the energy or the motivation to follow up on the skydiving we are supposed to be doing right now. Well, on popped this gem. It was well constructed. It definitely possessed that erie, dark sound my good friends know I love. I let it play on deciding not to jump through the song to see if it was worth listening to like I normally do. Then, what the hell? Thome Yorke starts singing on the track. Is this his solo work? I decided if it was, he made serious strides since The Eraser. Research. What is this?

Que ice water poured directly onto my brain. Flashback from the pool last night. This was a collaboration of epic proportions. The likes of which I thought I’d never see. So now, I stand corrected. Flea, I commend you. You proved you can push your own boundaries. Props.

I’ll look around the dark corners of the internet and put up a link later tonight.


So everyone should know Tiesto for putting out poppy house bangers. Work Hard, Play Hard was a pretty decent club track, and  5 drinks down at a club or concert I have definitely rocked out hard to it, but the song was never anything I would play in my car. Autoerotique gutted everything but the foundation of this house (track) then flipped it hard. All that cheezy clutter was replaced with a sleek, minimalist sound. This one I would blast midwinter driving at slow speeds with my windows down just to give people a chance to Shazaam it. Beautiful.

Tiesto – Work Hard, Play Hard (AutoErotique Groove Remix)

At a mere five hours old, this Adoptahighway remix is sure to blow up. In fact, Jamz not Jelly is probably the first blog to post it. That said I better finish this post before that’s no longer true. The song moans with a dreary, ominous, garage sound that would feel right at home in the middle of November if it weren’t sunny as hell and 72 in North Carolina.

I hope they're rugby player otherwise this is sure to be one dirty highway.

Faux Fir – 1 2 3 Avenue B (Adoptahighway remix)

Disclaimer: If you’re an indie only person skip to the third song

You have no idea how hard it is to post right now. There is so much good stuff that popped up in the month I neglected soundcloud. I want to keep surprising you guys, so I’m going to throw up another terrible song that had the ugly remixed out of it. LISTEN before you write it off. I know a lot one or two of you out there might hate me for saying this, but I could never understand how a talented musician like Dave Grohl could put out such awesome music with two of his bands (QOTS, Nirvana) and such ear-piercingly awful music with the other (Fool Fighters). Well pat Louis La Rouche on the back ’cause he just made the Foo Fighters listenable. Sad but true–the only way you could improve his remix of “Everlong” would be to remove Dave Grohl’s singing altogether.

Everlong (Louis La Roche Rework)

Next up I’ve got “Kairo” by  John Dahlbäck. I’m not entirely sure why I like this song so much, and it might be a folly posting it, but there’s something about the slow, industrial breakdown and urgent droning of reggaetonesque (coined) drums that keeps me wanting to move. It’s also pretty amazing how Dahlbäck makes the synthesizers almost moan. Wait for the drop around 2 minutes, or if you’re like me and impatient as hell, have itunes cut of the off the first 2 mins.

Cairo These Days

John Dahlbäck – Kairo (Original Mix)

This next tune is perfect to throw on for some sexxxin’. Phaseone crushed it with his eerie remix of “Daily Routine” which included a sick rap drop (Yeah, yeah, yeah–Inside joke?). He’s clearly demonstrated he’s in it for the long haul.

All Hers

Phaseone – All to Herself

Phaseone also remixed Burial’s 1997 melancholic bliss, “Archangel”. Unlike “Everlong”, the original Burial song actually stands on its own fine.

Coverart from the Burial Album Untrue

Burial – Archangel (Phaseone Remix)

Finally, this oldie popped up while my library was on shuffle. A google site search of Jamz Not Jelly confirmed that I had somehow never posted this gem. Mary Anne Hobbes spoke true in her phone sex operator voice when she said Kito & Reija Lee have a really powerful yet poetic take on dubstep. Diplo sure as hell knows how to pick for his label, Mad Decent.

Kito & Reija Lee – Sweet Talk

Tons has happened since I last blogged. ID Fest stormed (literally) VA, and it was beautifully successful in the most chaotic, unexpected way possible. First, Avicci took the stage throwing up what can only be generously called mediocre visuals. Then, Steve Aoki confirmed his real passion was for screamo, not EDM. Finally, one of my high school favorites, DJ Shadow, was miserably rained out. Luckily, all was not lost. The rain brought everyone under the only covered stage at ID Fest to dance like a weird family of circus freaks while Kaskade put on a truly epic light show that was only gloriously complimented by lightning splintering across the sky in the distance. As with Dayglow, I put together a compilation of post-rave songs to please the ears of my fellow comrades daring to weather such explosive bass.

The only thing Gwen Stafani ever did for me was teach me to spell bananananas (sic). I don’t like her, and you don’t need to either to enjoy Lapalux’s bootleg. Lapalux cracked the song apart so much he makes fixing Humpty look like child’s play.


Gwen Stefani – Luxurious (Lapalux’s bootleg remix)


Picture House takes Crystal Fighters’ “In the Summer” and gives it a smokin’ hot tan. I know Labor Day passed, but to be fair ID Fest did make the cut. All that aside, come December when you get sick of trying to find your liquor jacket so you can actually step outside and have fun on a Friday night you’ll thank me. So crack a corona to this song because it will most certainly conjure an island breeze to blow all that snow to come away.
Crystal Fighters – In The Summer (Picture House’s ‘Summer In The Balearics’ Mix)


In keeping with the post-rave post precedent (confusing, I know) I figured I’d throw on some heavier EDM as well in case my comrades still needed to move a little. Deathstar certainly stays true to the awesomeness of his name. Listen, he’ll blow your world up with these two tracks.

Deathstar – Money Talks


Gotta love the Lil’ John and Fatboy Slim in “Funk Soul”.

Deathstar – Funk Soul

Last month I posted some BeachesBeaches, and I’m still really digging their stuff. For some reason this one reminds me of the first time I heard RJD2. I’m pretty sure it’s the layered, busy hip-hop feel that would sound amazing with someone rapping over it. I like the pronounced snaps in the beginning of the song because they grab your attention and draw you into the song by giving you a chance to actively participate in the music by snapping along with the song. “Sammy” also has really cool percussion repetitions that give the song a stair-like flow. If you listen closely you can hear the volume of the ghostly vocals actually fluctuates with the drums to hit drops at the same time and synergistically emphasizes that stair-like feeling. Don’t understand what I mean? Try moving your hand with a downward wave motion with the beat of the song, and you’ll see it.

BeachesBeaches – Sammy



I know everyone is more than familiar with RJD2, but describing BeachesBeaches made me want to listen to some. RJd2 has so many phenomenal tracks that even picking the album to start with proved hard. It ended up coming down to something off Deadringer or Since We Last Spoke, so I decided to make it easy for myself and just pick two songs. Deadringer has three standout songs: “Ghostwriter”, “Good Times Roll Pt. 2”, and “Smoke and Mirrors”. Today, “Smoke and Mirrors” emerged victorious.

RJD2 – Smoke & Mirrors



As for Since We Last Spoke, I was stuck between “Iced Lightning” and “1976”. I chose “1976” because, let’s face it, “Iced Lightning” is a terrible name for a song. Also, I think “1976” has a bit more of a broad appeal. By the way, if you haven’t seen RJD2 live, do it. His shows are amazing.

RJD2 – 1976



For my last song, I figured I would give you guys something a little more dance-centric. It is Saturday, and who doesn’t want a jolt of energy to kick the weekend in the ass one last time before lazy Sunday becomes blue Monday? Play “World Tour” before you leave to engage in whatever debauchery catches your fancy tonight.

Mightyfools – World Tour (Original Mix)

I know it’s summer. I know you want music that makes you feel like you’re bouncing around on a moonwalk without a care in the world.  So be warned: this is a pretty dark track, but it deserves recognition regardless of the season. It’s one of those jamz that forces you to stop what you’re doing and bob your head. Wait, it has LMFAO on it?!? Don’t worry. I don’t like LMFAO either, but you really have to respect anyone who is talented enough to mix together The Xx and Afrojack. Not to mention the LMFAO actually doesn’t sound terrible. Thanks PRFFTT (Profit). You did us right.

PRFFTT – La La La, the XX Replica

Friendz and loverz,

Important announcement: My good buddy P-man has just informed me that Datsik will headline at the Lincoln Theater THIS SATURDAY! I want to organize a party bus (with alcohol) to go from Chapel Hill to the concert in Raleigh. Anyone who is interested hit me up ASAP via facebook or email (jameskt@live.unc.edu). In preparation for the concert, here is my absolute favorite remix by Datsik. Please enjoy.

Nose Goes (Datsik Remix) – Swiss Chriss

Thanks to Julez for reminding me about this gem of a jam.

Don Diablo ft. Dragonette – Animale (Datsik Remix)

Get tickets here: