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Monthly Archives: November 2011

So everyone should know Tiesto for putting out poppy house bangers. Work Hard, Play Hard was a pretty decent club track, and  5 drinks down at a club or concert I have definitely rocked out hard to it, but the song was never anything I would play in my car. Autoerotique gutted everything but the foundation of this house (track) then flipped it hard. All that cheezy clutter was replaced with a sleek, minimalist sound. This one I would blast midwinter driving at slow speeds with my windows down just to give people a chance to Shazaam it. Beautiful.

Tiesto – Work Hard, Play Hard (AutoErotique Groove Remix)

At a mere five hours old, this Adoptahighway remix is sure to blow up. In fact, Jamz not Jelly is probably the first blog to post it. That said I better finish this post before that’s no longer true. The song moans with a dreary, ominous, garage sound that would feel right at home in the middle of November if it weren’t sunny as hell and 72 in North Carolina.

I hope they're rugby player otherwise this is sure to be one dirty highway.

Faux Fir – 1 2 3 Avenue B (Adoptahighway remix)