Disclaimer: If you’re an indie only person skip to the third song

You have no idea how hard it is to post right now. There is so much good stuff that popped up in the month I neglected soundcloud. I want to keep surprising you guys, so I’m going to throw up another terrible song that had the ugly remixed out of it. LISTEN before you write it off. I know a lot one or two of you out there might hate me for saying this, but I could never understand how a talented musician like Dave Grohl could put out such awesome music with two of his bands (QOTS, Nirvana) and such ear-piercingly awful music with the other (Fool Fighters). Well pat Louis La Rouche on the back ’cause he just made the Foo Fighters listenable. Sad but true–the only way you could improve his remix of “Everlong” would be to remove Dave Grohl’s singing altogether.

Everlong (Louis La Roche Rework)

Next up I’ve got “Kairo” by  John Dahlbäck. I’m not entirely sure why I like this song so much, and it might be a folly posting it, but there’s something about the slow, industrial breakdown and urgent droning of reggaetonesque (coined) drums that keeps me wanting to move. It’s also pretty amazing how Dahlbäck makes the synthesizers almost moan. Wait for the drop around 2 minutes, or if you’re like me and impatient as hell, have itunes cut of the off the first 2 mins.

Cairo These Days

John Dahlbäck – Kairo (Original Mix)

This next tune is perfect to throw on for some sexxxin’. Phaseone crushed it with his eerie remix of “Daily Routine” which included a sick rap drop (Yeah, yeah, yeah–Inside joke?). He’s clearly demonstrated he’s in it for the long haul.

All Hers

Phaseone – All to Herself

Phaseone also remixed Burial’s 1997 melancholic bliss, “Archangel”. Unlike “Everlong”, the original Burial song actually stands on its own fine.

Coverart from the Burial Album Untrue

Burial – Archangel (Phaseone Remix)

Finally, this oldie popped up while my library was on shuffle. A google site search of Jamz Not Jelly confirmed that I had somehow never posted this gem. Mary Anne Hobbes spoke true in her phone sex operator voice when she said Kito & Reija Lee have a really powerful yet poetic take on dubstep. Diplo sure as hell knows how to pick for his label, Mad Decent.

Kito & Reija Lee – Sweet Talk