Tons has happened since I last blogged. ID Fest stormed (literally) VA, and it was beautifully successful in the most chaotic, unexpected way possible. First, Avicci took the stage throwing up what can only be generously called mediocre visuals. Then, Steve Aoki confirmed his real passion was for screamo, not EDM. Finally, one of my high school favorites, DJ Shadow, was miserably rained out. Luckily, all was not lost. The rain brought everyone under the only covered stage at ID Fest to dance like a weird family of circus freaks while Kaskade put on a truly epic light show that was only gloriously complimented by lightning splintering across the sky in the distance. As with Dayglow, I put together a compilation of post-rave songs to please the ears of my fellow comrades daring to weather such explosive bass.

The only thing Gwen Stafani ever did for me was teach me to spell bananananas (sic). I don’t like her, and you don’t need to either to enjoy Lapalux’s bootleg. Lapalux cracked the song apart so much he makes fixing Humpty look like child’s play.


Gwen Stefani – Luxurious (Lapalux’s bootleg remix)


Picture House takes Crystal Fighters’ “In the Summer” and gives it a smokin’ hot tan. I know Labor Day passed, but to be fair ID Fest did make the cut. All that aside, come December when you get sick of trying to find your liquor jacket so you can actually step outside and have fun on a Friday night you’ll thank me. So crack a corona to this song because it will most certainly conjure an island breeze to blow all that snow to come away.
Crystal Fighters – In The Summer (Picture House’s ‘Summer In The Balearics’ Mix)


In keeping with the post-rave post precedent (confusing, I know) I figured I’d throw on some heavier EDM as well in case my comrades still needed to move a little. Deathstar certainly stays true to the awesomeness of his name. Listen, he’ll blow your world up with these two tracks.

Deathstar – Money Talks


Gotta love the Lil’ John and Fatboy Slim in “Funk Soul”.

Deathstar – Funk Soul