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The idea of a guilty pleasure is ridiculous. There is no reason you should be ashamed to listen to something if it sounds good. At least that how I justify posting this… Just give it a try

Jay-Z is proof that love is either blind or really likes diamonds.


Beyonce – Run The World (Styles & Complete Remix)


To counter my last post, the pretentious asshole in me requires that I share LAst Night by BeachesBeaches. Can’t say I know much about this band. I really like their summery and upbeat music though. With only five hundred listeners to date, I fee like the two effectively neutralize each other. Do yourself a favor and keep up with them.


BeachesBeaches – BeachesBeaches – LAst Night


I think I’m not alone in saying Saturday was hands down one of the most ridiculous 24 hours of my entire life for a variety of reasons. Still not sure if that’s a good or a bad thing… That aside, any good rave requires a recovery. I have four amazing songs to facilitate a total mind, body and soul cleansing. Two of which I have kept top secret  for three weeks now just to share them with friends on the way back from Avicii. The other two were shown to me by two of the coolest people I know. Follow my instructions and you’ll feel like it’s Friday morning all over again when you wake up.

1) Get in your spaceship. Have Summer’s Gonna Hurt You by Diplo ready to play prior to liftoff.

Diplo is always good (try One Kid or the I Feel It All remix). After a night of obnoxiously loud speakers and utter chaos, who’d expect dubstep to fit the mood so perfectly?


Diplo – Summer’s Gonna Hurt You (Diplo Remix)


2) Pray that your ride is long enough for I’m God by Clams Casino.

Props to Jason for breaking this one out. Don’t worry, there are sirens in the song. The police are not about to pull you over.


Clams Casino – I’m God


3) Get ready for bed (or sexy time) with First Cape by Slime

First Cape is probably one of the few songs I’ve ever heard that has a more layered sound than Burial. It’s absolutely mesmerizing hearing how all of these seemingly random noises come together to produce such a clean and soft sound. Listen to it on good headphones or speakers otherwise a lot of the layering gets lost in the background.


Slime – First Cape


4) Float off into your dreams with Je Suis le Vent by Working for a Nuclear Free City

Many thanks to Juliana for blowing my mind with this one. This song is perfect for falling asleep. It’s not too synth heavy, and if you listen closely to the background there are crickets buzzing, birds chirping, traffic passing and even waves crashing. Perfect white noise. I literally went a month using this song as a lullaby to zonk out.


Working for a Nuclear Free City – Je Suis le Vent

AVICII IS IN THE AIR. I know Avicii is a little more poppy than stuff I’d normally post, but I don’t care. Why?!? I’m heading to DC to see the 39th best DJ in the world, and it is gonna be awesome. A little heads up: this might be my last post for a little while as I will most certainly and appropriately lose myself for a couple of days catching up and tearing it up with my old crew from last year. Now, I could drop Levels (and probably should), but I feel like I’m here to spread the tracks that don’t get attention. That said, allow me to contradict myself and give you the first Avicii track I ever heard.

Avicii – Street Dancer

Whew, I know that was terrible. But now that the first one is done with let’s check out the his other songs.

Avicii – Fuck The Music

Dirty South ft Rudy – We Are (Avicii Killer Remix)

Ok, so this last one is a Treasure Fingers remix, but it’s awesome and belongs up here anyways.

Avicii & Sebastien Drums – My Feelings For You (Treasure Fingers Remix)

Ollie Macfarlane is not up and coming. He’s here. Check out his beautiful garage remix of a iiO’s 2001 single, Rapture.

IiO's Nadia Ali

IiO – Rapture (Ollie Macfarlane Remix)

I love Skream, but in all honesty Midnight Request Line was a pretty mediocre song. Ollie Macfarlane transformed this track into what I can only imagine floating from galaxy to galaxy without a spaceship or suit would sound like (if you could hear). Really listen to all of this track. It changes up so much that by the end I thought I was listening to a mixtape the first time I heard it.

Skream – Midnight Request Line (Ollie Macfarlane Remix)

If you haven’t heard solo work by the Xx’s drummer, Jamie Xx, stop what you’re doing now and head to Youtube, soundcloud, hypem or whatever. Even though this track sounds great, I decided to put it up last because it lacks the distinctive qualities that clearly brand the song as Macfarlane’s work.

Jamie Xx – Far Nearer (Ollie Macfarlane Remix)

I was literally about to go to sleep, and then I checked my soundcloud. Flight Facilities’ Crave You is an amazing tracks in itself. Last year Bizkitt! put out a solid remix of the song, but failed to really produce something original. Well, a mere six hours ago Adventure Club posted a Crave You remix that borrows only the vocals. This is a brand new song. You’ve heard the magic this duo worked on We Don’t Eat and Til the World Ends: this remix won’t disappoint you.

Flight Facilities – Crave You (Adventure Club Dubstep Remix)

Moombahton! It’s starting to pop up everywhere. I imagine I’m not alone in saying I’m not quite sure how I feel about it yet. It seems like most of the stuff floating around soundcloud is really hit or miss. What is it? Think Reggaeton; just not shitty. Munchi seems to personify Moobahton perfectly because he is also VERY hit or miss. Needless to say, I’m posting a home run. Sound familiar? It should. In his song, Why You Wanna, TI also sampled Gypsy Woman.

Crystal Waters likes music

David Heartbreak – Moombahma (Munchi Edit)

I know Glitch Mob is a little cheesy in concert, but I gotta say I like their sound. If you like ’em as well then I have a treat for you. I’ve got a seriously bass heavy track from Sugarpill featuring none other than Ludacris off the free (or pay whatever you want) album Bass From Above. Liket it? Listen to the other 21 tracks from various other artists with similar sounds. You can even download it at http://bassfromabove.bandcamp.com/album/bass-from-above.

Sugarpill – Heart of Gold (Voc. Trina Ft. Ludacris)

I’m really busy, but I promise I’ve been keeping up with my music. In a couple of days I’ll put up a few tracks to make up for neglecting Jamz not Jelly. A.skillz conveniently released a summer jam just in time for the heat. This is one upbeat, sunny track to keep you fresh even if Apollo has you pouring sweat from six to six. Gotta love those funky throwback vocals. A.skillz – California soul (A.Skillz Remix)

But wait, there’s More! Courtesy of scubaSteve, here is another unbelievably good California Soul remix by Mad Decent’s owner Diplo.

California Soul (Diplo Remix)

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